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Making a Lofi Beat on the MPC Live

#lofi hiphop, #beats, #beatmaking, #instrumental


It's a dirty job... You know the rest.

Can we talk, for a minute?

Some aesthetics, Because they're important too.

I make lofi trap beats. I guess it's like, heavily influenced by oldschool southern trap like 8Ball & MJG, DJ Paul, Uncle Luke, Outkast, Mannie Fresh, Last Mr. Bigg, etc. I kinda try to recreate that feeling you get when listenig to a hiphop mixtape on cassette. Yeah, everybody loves vinyl, and don't get me wrong, it's nice, I'm just saying that cassette is an analog format just like vinyl, so it has it's own kind of 'warmth' if you're into that sort of thing.

All beats on this site are available for leasing, which essentially means you can use them for your projects (mixtapes, album, videos, etc.) with a few limitations. Some of them are free to download and use for non-commercial use. No tracks are currently available for exclusive rights purchase, but send me a message via the contact page if you'd like to make an offer. If you have any other questions, also hit me up via the contact page.

Email me at or send a message using the form below.

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